About us

Absolute Factor is a full-service media relations and digital communications agency with over 60-man years of work experience. We offer realistic, time-bound and specifically customized solutions for marketing strategy & brand building. These integrated communication solutions are quickly scalable to create measurable advantage for both product and brand.

We enrich the brand value, through our experienced, innovative and insight-based approach. We provide diligent marketing assistance via meticulous strategies for management, integrated communications making optimal use of digital and conventional media, event management, creation of branding collaterals which enhance the brand-image and the credibility of an organization.

Our links to the renowned media centers and publication makes us unique and qualified to deliver high-quality results and to consistently deliver an array of branding ideas and PR campaigns, on conventional as well as digital platforms, for myriads of leading companies in India and abroad.


We aim to grow brands into a strong and significant entity through strategic communication in conventional and digital media.


To be recognized as most innovative and reliable communication agency.

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